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Good Luck Louie!

We are sad to announce that Louie Salvoni has stepped down as a Trustee of Shelter from the Storm.  Louie, as co-founder, has been a huge part of the life of the Shelter from the very beginning and will be sorely missed. The Trustees, Sheila, all the volunteers and guests wish him all the best in his new charity venture

Good Luck Louie!


Come to our Xmas fete on 14 December at Islington Green 


Guest stories: Leslie

Leslie is just 18, she says she and her Mum just didn’t understand each other. They fell out loads of times until finally her Mum hit her and threw her out. 

Leslie is studying Art and Design in Fashion at college which she loves, but it’s really difficult to concentrate on your lessons when you’re homeless.  She has a 6 year old cousin who came to live with them when her uncle died and she really misses him but she hasn’t been invited back for Christmas. 

Leslie says she’ll have a lovely Christmas with her friends at Shelter from the Storm; if she wasn’t here she says, she’d be walking the streets.


Meet a volunteer: Matt

Matt is coming up to his one year anniversary as an SFTS volunteer. He read about us last Xmas and just fancied doing something to help. He was amazed to find a charity that was almost completely run by volunteers and felt his contribution would make more sense and impact. The more he found out about the shelter, the more impressed he was with its transparency; all the donations were going directly into supporting the guests.   

Matt feels that homelessness is misunderstood and people have quite wrong perceptions about the homeless: often they’re no different from you or me but have just suffered a bit of bad luck which then becomes a downward spiral of despair.

He really looks forward to his Tuesday shift, his day job is in the world of expensive UK property and volunteering not only puts his work into perspective, it puts everything into perspective and gives him a window into what’s important in life.

Oh, and he likes the fact that we call them guests, he thinks that sums SFTS up.


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